10 mostly asked questions:

¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cuál es su nombre?     Two ways of saying: What’s your name?

¿Y cuál es tu apellido? ¿Y el otro?     What’s your last name? And the other one? Since almost all Nicaraguans have two last names, one of their mother and one of their father, the second question is a natural follower of the first one

¿De dónde eres?     Where are you from?

¿Qué haces aquí?     What are you doing here?

¿Te gusta Nicaragua? ¿Cómo le parece Nicaragua?     Do you like Nicaragua? What do you think of Nicaragua?

¿Cuánto tiempo vas a estar aquí?     How long will you be staying here?

¿Tienes hermanos? ¿Solo uno?     Do you have siblings? The second question is a natural follower really, I haven’t met any families with two kids or less!

¿Cuál es tu religion/iglesia? ¿Crees en Dios?*     What is your religion/which church do you belong to? Do you believe in God?

¿Estas casada? ¿Tienes esposo?**     Are you married? Do you have a husband?

¿Tienes novio? ¿Y porqué no?**     Do you have a boyfriend? ¿And why not? (I have been asking myself the same question for quite some time!)


The cronological order of how the questions are asked depend of the place/city in which you are. In the village of El Tigre for example, * will usually be asked before **, but here in Estelí it is definately the opposite!

The other day when I was walking from my house to down town, a guy comes by on his bicycle, slows down till he is right at my level and starts talking to me. He did have the curtesy to ask me my name first, and then he threw the it: “Are you married?” “No.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “No.” “Can I have your phone number?” And being to shy to turn him down, I say: “Well, I don’t have a Nicaraguan phone.” “Can you give me directions to your house then?” What do you think stupid??! “I want to come by and win your heart” he said. Well, that ain’t the way of doing it baby!

It might seem as a very agressive response to such a “nice” man, but no. Girls, after staying here for just a week you would know! Walking down the street, no matter time of day, sun or rain, or if you are walking with other guys, Danish or Nicaraguan, men sitting on a bench will shout at you: “Chela chela! Que lindisima!” “Ay la bonita!”. Men walking by you in opposite direction will use the few English words they know: “I love you!” Men driving by on motorcycles or trucks, with wife and kids sitting beside them even, will honk at you and very obviously looking at you from toes to face – if they get that far!!

The first week in Managua it was a little fun to get all that attention. After a while you would start ignoring them, naively thinking that they would stop. And coming to Estelí, the WORST city of all, you are just about going crazy!!!

Jeeez guys, that is NOT the way of hooking up with a girl!


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